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Visa, MasterCard Offer More Mobile Payment Options

Visa and MasterCard are rolling out two Internet-based technologies so consumers can make in-store purchases without credit cards via contactless payments embedded within mobile apps. Previously, card information had to be housed on a secured area of the phone, but now remote storage is possible, with a retail or banking app on the phone retrievingContinue Reading

U.S. Bank Pushes Voice Biometrics to Replace Clunky Passwords

by Penny Crosman When U.S. Bank announced Wednesday that it’s testing voice biometrics for possible use by customers to access account information, it joined a line of banks that have been testing this technology, including Wells Fargo (WF) and Barclays. Voice biometric software users log in to an application or website by speaking a wordContinue Reading

3 Ways U.S. Payment Tech Is Behind the Times

The United States lags behind other countries in terms of deployment of advanced payment technologies that offer greater security. Chip-embedded cards that make counterfeiting or copying tougher are common in Britain and Canada, and Target CEO Greg Steinhafel is urging U.S. banks and stores to embrace such technology. Meanwhile, Gartner projects $235.4 billion in globalContinue Reading

City National to Pilot Cardless Cash Access at ATMs

Customers of City National Bank, a $27.4 billion-asset company based in Los Angeles, in select cities will soon be able to withdraw cash from ATMs without having to use their debit cards, thanks to a pilot program by City National and bank technology provider FIS. According to the companies’ Oct. 4 joint press release, theContinue Reading

MasterCard Joins Biometric ID Group

MasterCard recently became the first major payment network to join the FIDO Alliance, signaling that the payment network is becoming interested in using fingerprints and other biometric data to identify people for online payments. The Alliance is developing an open industry standard for biometric data such as fingerprints to be used for identification online, withContinue Reading

Biometric Authentication in a Multi-Channel Environment

The proliferation of banking channels generates an equal proliferation of authentication methods; can biometrics help reduce the clutter? BYANDRE DELAFORGE   Banks go to great lengths to safeguard their customer’s personal information and finances but the rapid adoption of multi-channel strategies increases the pressure on current authentication practices. Core to protecting customers is ensuring thatContinue Reading

The Next Step in Mobile

Both mobile banking and mobile payments are gaining favor among U.S. consumers, who crave an all-inclusive solution for remote transactions. One allows users to access financial accounts via cellphone or smartphone in order to complete various functions and the other involves making payments through a mobile device, but analysts say the two are beginning toContinue Reading

Contactless Mobile Pay Transactions Seen Nearing 10B by 2016

Research firm NPD In-Stat is projecting that by 2016, the number of payments made with a swipe of a mobile device will approach 9.9 billion, a nine-fold increase from the estimated 1.1 billion in contactless mobile payments expected to be transacted in 2012. “Based on the vast support for near-field communication and the endorsements madeContinue Reading

Apple Wins Patents That Include NFC Technology

Many industry observers believe Apple can help make mobile payments mainstream quicker. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Nov. 15 published 31 patents granted to Apple related to near-field communication technology (NFC) and what appears to be a new location service that uses the global positioning system. Apple’s NFC patent covers the sharing ofContinue Reading Adds Paper, QR Codes to Online Billing Options is taking advantage of the lack of uniformity in adopting online payments by introducing an option that lets users tap the web to trigger printed bills that can be mailed at a lower rates. A handful of banks are in the process of deploying the new service as a small business banking option. ItContinue Reading