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M-Pesa And GCash: Can ‘Lean Regulation’ Be A Gamechanger for Financial Innovation?

Guest post by Chris Bishko and Pearl Chan Hang around Silicon Valley long enough, and you will hear about the “Lean Startup Approach,” a methodology developed by Steve Blank and popularized by Eric Ries. The Lean Startup Approach emphasizes scientific experimentation, validated learning, iterative product design, and frequent product releases to gain customer feedback soContinue Reading

Peru: Regularán tarifas en dinero electrónico

Usuarios de teléfonos móviles podrán hacer uso de este servicio, detalló Osiptel. Todos los usuarios de teléfonos móviles podrán usar el servicio. No es necesario tener un smartphone. (USI) El Osiptel supervisará los acuerdos entre las emisoras de dinero electrónico y las operadoras de telecomunicaciones, según un conjunto de normas publicado ayer. El regulador también fijaráContinue Reading

Dominicana: BC autoriza abrir los subagentes bancarios

Las instituciones de intermediación financiera, incluyendo asociaciones de ahorros y préstamos, podrán contratar desde ahora como subagentes bancarios a centros comerciales de todo el territorio nacional, incluyendo farmacias, ferreterías, centros de telecomunicaciones y otros, a través de los cuales podrán realizar todo tipo de tramitación financiera, como las transferencias de recursos, pagos de préstamos yContinue Reading

Fed Official Plots Course for Emerging Mobile Payments

  Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City senior vice president Barb Pacheco, who also is head of the Fed’s Financial Services Division, has a mission to map out developments in the mobile payments sector and explain it to bankers. Of particular concern to her is the role of public authorities such as the Fed, theContinue Reading

Industry Split Emerges on Regulation for Mobile Payments

There is a nascent divide within the payments industry, with parties such as the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) worried “that some entities who view the advent of mobile payments as a threat to their incumbent advantage might call for unnecessary regulation,” says ETA CEO Jason Oxman. On the other side are firms such as theContinue Reading

Do Mobile Payments Need More Regulation?

Debate is raging over the need for greater mobile payment regulation, with Consumers Union staff attorney Suzanne Martindale arguing for cooperation between the wireless and banking regulatory frameworks. She also says no one clear regulator overseeing all mobile payments currently exists. The Electronic Fund Transfer Act (EFTA) regulates electronic transactions, while mobile payments linked toContinue Reading

USA: Two More Gift-Card Providers Will Stop Selling in N.J.

Two more gift card providers in addition to American Express will stop selling their products in New Jersey because they cannot comply with a law that lets the state seize any unspent value on the cards. InComm of Atlanta and Blackhawk Network announced on April 5 that they will cease selling their cards in NewContinue Reading

US Move Could Mean Credit Cards in Myanmar

Due to decades of U.S. sanctions, major credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa and American Express have been absent in Myanmar, obliging tourists and both local and foreign businesspeople to carry wads of cash. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that the United States would start easing restrictions on the financial sector in Myanmar afterContinue Reading

AmEx Pulls Gift Cards Out of N.J.

American Express has yanked its network-branded gift cards from all New Jersey retailer outlets in response to a state law that lets New Jersey appropriate funds from unused gift cards. AmEx says it took this action because it cannot meet the statute’s requirement that retailers collect the ZIP codes of customers who buy AmEx-branded giftContinue Reading

The Case for Regulating Mobile

As mobile banking evolves from its roots in online banking, can a separate regulatory regime be far behind? by KAREN EPPER HOFFMAN Does mobile banking need its own rules? Long seen as more or less another facet of conventional online banking, the mobile channel is typically regulated by the same rules and the same governingContinue Reading