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Pagos por Proximidad (NFC)

Apple’s iBeacon Mobile Payment System Is Death Knell for NFC

Payment by mobile phones using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is quick, easy and convenient. It has also completely failed to catch on with consumers in the developed world. If there’s one company that can rescue the concept from oblivion, it is Apple, but will it kill off NFC in the process? “The biggest challengeContinue Reading

Royal Bank of Canada Launches NFC Payments in the Cloud

Royal Bank of Canada has launched the RBC Wallet, a near field communication (NFC) mobile payments service that stores customers’ card details in the cloud. RBC’s Linda Mantia says consumers will be given the opportunity to enable their RBC Wallet when they download the RBC mobile banking app. “Once it’s loaded, there will be aContinue Reading

NFC probablemente se convertirá en un experimento olvidado de pagos móviles. Por Joe Frisz*.

21/10/2013 Los recientes anuncios por parte de algunos de los principales jugadores de la industria de los pagos móviles indican que la oportunidad para que la tecnología de transacciones sin contacto NFC se convierta en una tecnología importante se está rápidamente esfumando. Todo comenzó con los anuncios -en agosto- de Apple y PayPal reafirmando sus planesContinue Reading

Chile: Experto indica que el uso de NFC se masificaría en uno o dos años más

Los teléfonos que incluyen la conectividad están llegando a Chile hace un par de años. Lo que falta es un ecosistema de aplicaciones y terminales físicas para sus distintos usos en pagos e información. SANTIAGO.- La promesa sobre la masificación de la tecnología de conectividad NFC, que permitiría el uso de pagos móviles y elContinue Reading

Global Mobile Payments To Exceed $235 Billion in 2013: Regardless Of The Hype, NFC Blighted The Hope [STUDY]

By Lavanya Vasudev on June 21, 2013 6:50 AM Earlier Mobile Payment transactions were not preferable, as users were quite apprehensive about the security. But now things have changed, and the future of Mobile Payment transactions is looking good. Gartner predicts that globally, the mobile payment users will hit 245.2 million in 2013, compared toContinue Reading

NFC Mobile Payments Disappoint While Money Transfers Boom

Mobile payment growth has been curtailed worldwide by sluggish NFC adoption, while mobile money transfer is thriving and will continue to expand through 2017, according to a new Gartner report. Gartner projects that NFC will comprise just about 2 percent of total mobile payment transaction value this year and 5 percent in 2017. In contrast,Continue Reading

Near field technology and mobile payments

By ESMOND SHAHONYA   Near Field Communications (NFC) technology is becoming a common feature on smartphones. It has a wide range of applications. Locally, Google has deployed the technology in the Beba cards used by some commuters on Nairobi buses. In the mobile world, the technology turns smartphones into gadgets that initiate payments andContinue Reading

NFC: Wave of the Future or Dead Tech?

Once heralded as the future of mobile payments, near field communication (NFC) increasingly appears headed for the technology graveyard. byCHRIS SKINNER Nov 2, 2012 The world is a wonderful place, as times shift fast and things turn faster than an egg on a timer. Just as you get used to one technology, another comes alongContinue Reading

Identive Unveils TomPay NFC Payment Sticker

  Identive has unveiled a new peel-off NFC sticker that lets consumers enable their existing mobile devices for contactless payment. The TomPay sticker is based on Identive’s tag-on-metal inlay technology, and it can be fabricated using the same processes as a standard PVC card before being affixed to a mobile phone. The company notes thatContinue Reading

Nokia Unveils First NFC-Enabled Windows Phone

A near field communication (NFC)-enabled version of the recently unveiled Lumia 610 smartphone has been announced by Nokia, and Orange will be the first network operator to sell it. The Lumia 610 NFC can be coupled with accessories and read tags with one tap, allowing users to check in on Foursquare, follow people on Twitter,Continue Reading