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Proximity Payments (Non NFC)

Dominicana: El pago con tarjeta, ¿desde un celular?

Catcher es una solución de pago móvil de Visa que representa una gran oportunidad desde el punto de vista económico, pues más personas podrán pagar con crédito en más lugares. Li Misol Santo Domingo La famosa frase “No tengo efectivo” dejará de ser excusa a la hora de aquirir productos y servicios de taxistas,Continue Reading

Apple’s iBeacon Mobile Payment System Is Death Knell for NFC

Payment by mobile phones using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is quick, easy and convenient. It has also completely failed to catch on with consumers in the developed world. If there’s one company that can rescue the concept from oblivion, it is Apple, but will it kill off NFC in the process? “The biggest challengeContinue Reading

VeriFone Introduces Square Competitor

VeriFone Systems aims to ramp up its competition with Square with its Sail programming interface toolkit, which VeriFone plans to offer with open source software that developers can adapt to interoperate with retailers’ inventory software. Sail is designed for technically savvy small businesses, and developers will be able to register with VeriFone to receive programmingContinue Reading

Square Payment Pace Rises 25 Percent in Niche Coveted by EBay

Square has experienced 25 percent growth in its payment volume since March, when rival eBay unveiled a new mobile scanner and emphasized growth in the mobile payment market. Square’s Keith Rabois reports that his company is processing transactions at an annualized rate of $5 billion, versus $4 billion a month ago, amid increasing consumer adoptionContinue Reading

Bump Pay Nudges Mobile P-to-P Market

An app provided by Bump Technologies that lets people share data and photos by touching their phones together has proven popular. The app has attracted 80 million users in three years. While the technology’s use as a payments enabler has been slowly developing for the past couple of years, Bump believes there’s enough of aContinue Reading

Ultrasonic Sound Waves Offer Alternative to NFC for Mobile Payments

By Ashok Bindra, TMCnet Contributor   Before near field communications (NFC) becomes a mainstream solution for payments using mobile phones, a Sunnyvale, Calif. startup has found an alternative to NCF technology. Combining ultrasonic sound waves with a mobile phone’s microphone and speaker, Naratte’s technology performs secure mobile transactions using ultrasonic waves. Called Zoosh, it isContinue Reading

Does the Bridge to NFC Still Need to be Built?

Mobile payment systems that mimic the capabilities of near-field communication chips are aimed at satisfying early adopters who are unwilling to wait for the day when phones with built-in NFC chips are commonplace to make contactless payments. But rather than serving as a “bridge technology,” they may simply be a bridge to nowhere, as aContinue Reading

Pay by Sound? PayPal ‘Very Excited’ about New Payments Tech

Today MIT’s Technology Review highlighted a new payments startup, Naratte, based out of Sunnyvale, California with technology that uses ultrasound to authenticate and transmit payment data. PayPal, with a mobile payments headquarters right here in Boston after recent acquisitions of Boston based WHERE and Fig Card, is mentioned in the article as exploring the technology.Continue Reading

Zoosh does mobile payments using ultrasound, no NFC chip required

By Sharif Sakr posted Jun 20th 2011 4:19PM Zoosh. That may or may not be what an ultrasonic payment sounds like to a dolphin, but it is definitely the name of a new mobile wallet technology developed by Silicon Valley start-up, Naratte. While Google and other major players have focused on traditional radio-based NFC, NaratteContinue Reading

Mobile payments: Who needs NFC anyway?

Despite flurry of NFC interest, Starbucks is satisfied with success of barcode scanning technology By Matt Hamblen June 16, 2011 06:00 AM ET Starbucks says it has done just fine using basic barcode scanning technology for its successful U.S. smartphone payment system, which raises the question: Who really needs Near Field Communication wireless technology forContinue Reading