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Medios de pago cerrados (pre-pago)

Starbucks Mobile Pay App for Android a Hit (Unofficially)

Demand for Starbucks Corp.’s payment application, currently available only for the iPhone and BlackBerry, is so high that Stewart Gateley, a former Starbucks shift supervisor, created his own version for Android smartphones, and the Android app has been downloaded more than 16,000 times. The unofficial version, like the official app released by the company, allowsContinue Reading

Tabbedout raises $3.7M to simplify bar and restaurant payments

May 9, 2011 | Sid Yadav ATX Innovation, the startup behind mobile payments application Tabbedout, has secured $3.7 million to make bar and restaurant payments much simpler. Using the free TabbedOut application for the iPhone and Android, users open a tab when they’re visiting a supported restaurant or bar, and share the special assigned codeContinue Reading

Octopus: A stored value solution displacing traditional payment instruments

In 1997, Hong Kong adopted a stored value solution for mass transit: a contactless payment technology called Octopus. Contactless travel cards are readily available in many countries, but Octopus has several features that make it unique. Acceptance of this technology is staggering; in fact, the number of Octopus cards in Hong Kong outstrips the localContinue Reading